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8.00 Registration

9.00 Welcome

9.30 Keynote: What does the future hold for commercial real estate in Australia‭? ‬

Demographics help us to understand why and how usage patterns of our CBDs will change in the coming decade‭. ‬In his fast-paced presentation demographer Simon Kuestenmacher will explain why the general business model of Australia will continue to deliver prosperity and population growth‭. ‬

While working from home will be the norm for many knowledge workers our CBDs will eventually fill back up to pre-pandemic levels‭. ‬The work done in the CBD will be of a much more interpersonal nature though‭. ‬This means our office buildings and hospitality venues must adjust to different user needs‭. ‬


As if this wasn’t enough change‭, ‬big generational shifts are shaping the 2020s‭. ‬The big Baby Boomer cohort retires‭, ‬the pragmatic Gen X'ers finally step out of the shadows into leadership positions while Millennials become the biggest worker cohort‭.


Simon will explain how commercial property will be doing just fine this decade but will need to adapt to many changes‭.‬

Speaker: Simon Kuestenmacher

10.30 Morning Tea


11.00 Inspiring change to exceptional experience

ISPT is driving a transformative shift in how it differentiates itself within its ecosystem by prioritising exceptional experiences that are grounded in their ESG strategy, the science of positive psychology and a focus on enriching, exciting, and energising people.


By driving ESG, landlords can attract investors who value responsible investment and seek long-term value creation. Tenant partners benefit from an environment that prioritises wellbeing, fostering a positive and productive atmosphere that enhances employee satisfaction and engagement.


The broader community gains from our commitment to creating experiences that enrich their lives, offering vibrant spaces, cultural opportunities, and a sense of connectivity. Ultimately, this approach transcends boundaries, impacting society as a whole and leaving a lasting positive imprint on the world beyond its immediate ecosystem.

Speaker: Letitia Hope


11.30 Building the Future: Leveraging AI and digital information for People, Place, and Purpose 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the property sector, we find ourselves at a crossroads. As we delve deeper into the role technology plays in shaping our spaces, we must ask ourselves – how do we harness the power of innovation to enhance the ways in which people interact with their surroundings, while staying true to our core purpose? 


In this riveting session, our distinguished expert with 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry specialising in digital transformation and innovation will explore the significant potential of digital information and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the property sector. We will delve into the heart of the matter – people, place, and purpose – exploring examples from early adopters around the world, showcasing a bright new future for property sector as we all learn to navigate the multitude of challenges (cost of living, inflation, climate change, digital disruption) facing the sector. Weaving a narrative that connects these fundamental elements with People, Place and Purpose. 

Speaker: Jason Howden

12.00 The S in ESG…what is it all about?

ESG. Three letters that are becoming increasingly familiar to us as we tackle the many environmental, social and governance issues the world faces. Let’s dive deeply into the S, social impact. What does it really mean to have a social impact? What are organisations doing about their social impact, and importantly, how are they measuring and monitoring the impact of their contribution? 


Join Lou and Edmund as they answer these and many other questions about a growing focus on ESG. These experts will discuss why the focus on social impact is increasing, sharing case studies and examples of how organisations are measuring impact today. Most importantly, they’ll leave you inspired and ready to make an impact, knowing that no person or organisation is too small or limited to make a difference.

Speakers: Edmund McCombs and Louise Campbell

12.45 Lunch

1.45 The Power of Play – your teams hidden superpower

How do we better use play to create deeper connections with each other, create a more innovative culture and improve communication and collaboration with those we work with? Using both lecture style and interactivity, this session will be a session with a difference where the audience will experience playful learning together and engagement like they have not experienced before!


Naturally, this talk is interactive (but not scary), fun but still serious, and shakes up our daily processes and will leave you thinking in new and energising ways.

Key takeaways

- The science behind play, why we do it, and how you can use it

- Developing truly experiential learning that includes all participants, introverts and extroverts

- Learning how to integrate play to support a strong, connected team

- Discovering how to include your greatest communicator – your body

Speaker: Trudi Boatwright

2.30 Transforming Sydney's CBD: Building an Iconic User Experience at Quay Quarter Tower

Over the past five years, Sydney's CBD has undergone significant transformation, from the light rail and the pedestrianisation of the city to the regeneration of Barangaroo, George St and Circular Quay. Most recently, we have celebrated the completion of Quay Quarter Tower (QQT), which represents a unique transformation from a traditional office building to a contemporary icon; creating a vibrant precinct for entertainment and dining. 


Through a panel discussion, led by Ceilidh Higgins (CBRE) and joined by Tim Blythe (Urbis), Daniel Cruddace (3XN), and Robyn de Szoeke (Deloitte), we will hear about how the changing nature of the city influenced the development of QQT and delve into the development lifecycle from urban design, planning, architecture and the final to end user occupier experience. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the intersection of work and the city, discovering the innovative approaches and considerations behind the development of QQT and the ultimate outcome in the human experience. 

3.15 REd Talks

The REd Talks are all about the future of the CRE industry‭, ‬our future talent‭.‬

These talks are a prominent feature of the CoreNet Global Australia Chapter Annual Conference‭, ‬where our Young Leaders get the opportunity to present their ideas in front of over 300‭ ‬industry professionals‭.‬


Cultivating rising talent and deriving insights from their perspectives are essential for businesses seeking success in dynamic‭ ‬and evolving landscapes‭.  ‬We’re sure you’ll come away with fresh ideas‭.

Speakers: Ed Jennings and Sarah Zerella

3.45 Afternoon tea

4.15 Keynote: Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin embarked on her broadcasting journey in Singapore back in 1968‭ ‬and made her way to Australia in 1988‭.‬

After a three-decade-long tenure on television‭, ‬Lee Lin Chin has been described as‭ ‬“one of the greatest in the history of Australian broadcasting”‭ ‬and a‭ ‬“beacon of diversity”‭.‬

Known for her distinctive style and wit‭, ‬Lee Lin has undertaken various roles throughout her career‭, ‬including news presentation‭, ‬research‭, ‬reporting‭, ‬interviews‭, ‬music curation and programming‭, ‬voice-over work for commercials‭, ‬and production of in-flight‭ ‬programs for international airlines‭.‬

Additionally‭, ‬Lee Lin has made appearances in minor roles in Australian films such as Hugh Keays-Byrne’s‭ ‬“Resistance”‭ ‬and the 1989‭ ‬mini-series‭ ‬“Bangkok Hilton‭,‬”‭.‬

Lee Lin Chin has a worldly outlook with interests encompassing international affairs‭, ‬history‭, ‬literature‭, ‬and the arts‭. ‬She also enjoys writing‭.‬

5.00 Closing words
5.15 Networking Function
6.45 Event concludes
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