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Mathew Toniolo

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In an era defined by change and disruption, all organisations are experiencing the need to create workplaces that can evolve in line with shifting requirements. To this dynamic, Mathew brings a unique blend of over a decade's experience that spans interior design, workplace strategy and project management. Mathew leverages this exposure to understand the physical parameters of a workspace, underpin meaningful interactions with its users, and to use insights to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of a business both today and tomorrow.

Mathew has long harboured a fascination for how people interact with space, and in turn, how well thought out spaces can enhance how we work and communicate. Fluent in the language of both business and design, Mathew balances innovation with pragmatism to push the boundaries of what is possible. Mathew inspires the same enthusiasm in all his interactions, championing solutions that support the productivity and wellbeing of us all.

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