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8.00 Registration

9.00 Welcome

9.30 Session 1 - Society 5.0: How systems and solutions are filled with opportunities 

The metaverse is already here, it is just not evenly distributed yet. In fact it is not even really built yet, but the cross-pollination between the real, the virtual, and the unbuilt is a tangible reality where regulation lags and possibilities are endless. We are facing a decade of superlative change, it is indeed the best of times and the worst of times. We won’t know if we are racing into utopia or dystopia until the last minute. The rise and rise of surveillance capitalism, the personalisation of our experiences, machine drift, deep immersive realities, and the use of land and cityscapes to improve mental and physical health are all within reach.  What is real, what will fail, and where property and land use are all important will be made very clear this decade. How to mitigate the effects of climate change, deal with obesity, and fight the next pandemic? It’s all about how humans interact with physical spaces as well as virtual worlds. Do you feel informed and confident about the future? Dr Cath hopes you will after this presentation.

Speaker: Dr Catherine Ball

10.30 Morning Tea


11.00 Session 2 - Melbourne at 9 million

In two decades, Melbourne is expected to double in size – and it’s what we do over the next five years that will shape what this future city looks like.


Imagine a central business district (often known as "the city") that is surrounded by a layer of commercial and residential areas, each of which offers a unique service and is connected by a mass transit system. With 9 million inhabitants, the Melbourne we are currently building for will probably mirror the London of today. The transit infrastructure built by "mega" public works projects like the Suburban Rail Loop, the Sunshine rail hub, and the Metro 2 project significantly influences Melbourne's real estate market (as it did London).


Following the completion of the main transit projects, it's very conceivable that CBD-like environments will emerge in the inner and middle ring suburbs, much like how Sydney's Paramatta is creating a full-fledged CBD away from the "traditional" CBD on the Harbour in the east.


The reality is that our actions and investments over the next five years will have a significant influence on how this future develops. This presentation will outline the effects of Melbourne's expansion on the commercial real estate market, highlight the major "mega" trends that give us hope for the future, and muse on how our sector may play a more active role in determining how cities will look in the future.

Speaker: Tim O'Loan, Director of Cities & Design, Urbis

11.30 Session 3 - How corporate real estate can drive decarbonisation in Australia and be the change

Creating jobs, reducing emissions and reinventing Australian manufacturing. These goals are all possible and the corporate real estate industry can play a key role in helping to make important change for our sustainable future. In her session, Heidi will talk about the ways Australia can prosper in a zero-emissions economy and where the opportunity lies. Be ready to be inspired with practical ideas supported by leading-edge research.

Speaker: Heidi Lee, CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions

12.00 Session 4- The long way to the workplace


Can exchanging ideas too early and too often hinder their diversity and potential to innovate? To answer this deceptively simple question, Dr. Agustin Chevez walked in isolation for 42 days from Melbourne to Sydney expecting to incubate a unique idea about workplace design. Over a million steps later, his pilgrimage delivered 34 unique insights which he refers to as Signposts – named for their promise to point to a better place to work for both, organisations and the people who inhabit them. In his talk, Agustin will take us in a journey that revisits our assumptions about the way we use space to host the ever-evolving notion of work – an expedition leading not only to better workplaces, but a better version of ourselves.

Speaker: Dr Agustin Chevez

12.45 Lunch


1.45 Session 5 - REd Talks

One of the highlights at previous CoreNet Global annual conference events have been our REd Talk session, giving our leaders of the future the opportunity to present on topics about the future of our industry.

This year is shaping up to be no exception with four very different, but equally engaging presentations lined up to challenge your thinking on issues shaping corporate real estate.

Supporting young talent and learning from their perspectives is vital for businesses wanting to thrive in dynamic and changing environments. With many fantastic applications, choosing just four REd Talk speakers was no easy task, but we’re thrilled with our successful speakers and are sure you’ll come away with fresh ideas from each of these talks.


Demi Bezuidenhout

Leesa Jones

Oliver Pang

Elizabeth Santomingo

2.15 Session 6 - Hybrid Collaboration: Industry research examining the experience and solutions


The advent of the hybrid workplace has generated the need to rethink how best to support “hybrid” synchronous collaboration where some participants are physically present whilst others are remote. This distributed collaborative experience has traditionally been sub-optimal, particularly where there are more than a small number of people involved. Effective hybrid collaboration allows organisations to access distributed and diverse knowledge workers who can contribute through sharing and learning not limited by space or geography.


Six Ideas by Dexus teamed up with Warren and Mahoney supported by Arup to research the current experience of hybrid collaboration and offer solutions for improve outcomes. The hybrid nature of the process itself informed proposed solutions. Kirsten Brown from Six Ideas by Dexus and Tamara White from Warren and Mahoney will discuss the findings and collaborative research process


Kirsten Brown (Phd), Principal, Six Ideas by Dexus

Tamara White, Principal, Warren and Mahoney.

2.45 Session 7 - Elevating Experience

Experience plays a huge part in meeting raised expectations in future workplaces. Whether that’s for users, customers or employees - it’s all about creating and curating moments, environments and memories that strengthen foundations for culture and commitment.

In this session we’ll be inspired by a variety of experience gurus. Latoyah Forsyth, Head of Marketing and Visitor Experience at the Melbourne Recital Centre, will share the visitor experience journey of a not-for-profit organisation in the arts. Leah Ong, Property and Projects Manager at Sime Darby Motors, will give insights on the customer experience advancements in the world of luxury vehicles. Mat Toniolo, Workplace Strategy Manager at Cushman and Wakefield, will touch on the three main pillars of developing a workplace experience strategy, unpacking not just “how” but “why” to address workplace experience.


3.30 Afternoon tea

4.00 Session 8 - Closing keynote speaker

Eddie Betts shares his personal story of growing up Aboriginal in Australia and the obstacles he faced in becoming a 350 AFL game player for the Carlton and Adelaide football club. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Eddie will take the audience on a journey with him as he talks openly and candidly about what the impact of racism and discrimination had on his life, career and family.

Eddie’s story will inspire people – to reflect and challenge the way they think, see and feel about Racism, whilst sharing his wonderful insights into leadership and team success. Eddie Betts is a 350-game AFL player, he currently works in the AFL media with fox footy, part-time coaching at Geelong Football Club, Author of two children’s books (and hopefully soon to be kids’ TV series) and an autobiography.

Speaker: Eddie Betts

5.00 Closing words
5.15 Networking and Awards Function
8.30 Event concludes
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