2020 Theme

Connections, Convergence & Community

Real estate lies at the convergence between the built environment and community.  Our value proposition as an industry is facilitating connections. Connections between people and space, between brands and customers, between business and supply chain and between investment capital and return.


This year’s CoreNet Symposium will examine how our industry can build sustainable connections between the built environment and community as we enter a new decade. We will investigate the convergence of trends around technology, demographics, sustainability and human endeavour, and how they impact on the real estate landscape.

2020 Programme

9.00am Welcome


9.30am Session 1: Keynote


Dr Catriona Wallace


11.00am Session 2: The Future of Real Estate


Selina Short, Oceania Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction Managing Partner, EY

Real estate employs more than 1.4 million Australians and is one of the biggest contributors to GDP. What does the future of our industry look like against the backdrop of economic, demographic, technological and political change? 


In this session, Selina will look at five key trends that will change our sector and the way that we work, live and play. The session will consider how technology, sustainability, human connections and investor sentiment will shape the future of our diverse industry. She will also consider how COVID-19 has accelerated these change forces on our industry and how we need to adapt.

11.45am Session 3: REd Talks

Each year, CoreNet Global Australia gives the opportunity for young talent in the industry to present. Supporting young talent and learning from their perspectives is vital for businesses wanting to thrive in dynamic and changing environments.  CoreNet Global Australia receives an incredible response from our young leaders each year. Choosing just four REd Talk speakers is never an easy task.

What can you learn from tomorrow’s leaders today?

1.30pm Session 4: Connections

Chelsea Pottenger

12.45pm LUNCH​

1.45pm Session 5: Activity Based Networking

2.45pm Session 6: World's biggest experiment we didn't plan

Reflecting on what we now know (in November 2020) of the COVID-19 experience, what have we learned? Have we adopted a ‘new normal’ or squandered this unplanned opportunity and reverted to our old ways? How accurate were our predictions we tabled in our Roundtable forums six months ago and what are our future predictions?  

Moderator: Robert Harley, former Property Editor, Australian Financial Review


4.00pm Session 7: Key note


Anh Do

5.00pm Closing

5.15pm Networking function

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