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A postcard from the future

Dr Ben Hamer

Dr. Ben Hamer is an accredited futurist, who was recently awarded the number one thought leader for the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific by Onalytica.

Ben has undertaken work and research around the world, including time spent leading critical projects at the World Economic Forum as well as being a Visiting Scholar at Yale University. He is an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University’s School of Business and Law and a Board Member for the Australian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’s history.


A sought after media commentator and keynote speaker on future trends, Ben will be launching his next book, A Postcard from the Future, with Ultimo Press in April 2024.


Morning Tea


Shaping the Future

Alice Drew

At a time when all eyes are on how well utilised our spaces are, Alice has been intrigued with how businesses are shaping up for the future and what this means for reshaping cities, precincts, workplaces and careers.


The research on our future is clear – global megatrends will impact every organisation in ways we can’t predict yet. But how business leaders are starting to think about success will reshape work and careers as we know it, including how we team, how we learn and how we think about work as part of our lives. Designing places for this future is part science, part art, all craft.


The Pilgrim's Update

Dr Agustin 'Gus' Chevez

Two years ago Dr. Agustin Chevez shared with us the outcomes of his pilgrimage between Melbourne and Sydney in pursuit of unique ideas about the workplace. He has since swapped his boots and backroads in Australia for Excel and meeting rooms to coordinate the insights of his pilgrimage with the commercial real estate industry.


In this talk, Agustin will share his two recent projects aimed at 1) understanding the mechanisms that deliver the current places of work and 2) a model of work that propels workplaces beyond hybrid in hopes to arrive 


New ways of working
John Preece




AI or Real?


REd talks

speaker 1

speaker 2

The REd Talks are all about the future of the CRE industry‭, ‬our future talent‭.‬

These talks are a prominent feature of the CoreNet Global Australia Chapter Annual Conference‭, ‬where our Young Leaders get the opportunity to present their ideas in front of over 300‭ ‬industry professionals‭.‬


Cultivating rising talent and deriving insights from their perspectives are essential for businesses seeking success in dynamic‭ ‬and evolving landscapes‭.  ‬We’re sure you’ll come away with fresh ideas‭.


Designing for Impact: Empowering Aboriginal Communities Through Country-Centred Design

Troy Casey, Managing Director, Blaklash

Design is a powerful tool.

It shapes our environments, influences our behaviours, and reflects our values. For Aboriginal communities, design is not just  about aesthetics or functionality, but also about empowerment, identity, and community.


Country-centred design can be a means of preserving culture, telling stories, and fostering ongoing connection to Country and kin. When we approach design with a deep understanding of its cultural and social dimensions, we can create spaces that are meaningful and transformative.


The potential for co-design to positively impact communities is immense, but not without its challenges. Historical injustices, systemic inequalities, and ongoing marginalisation can create barriers to meaningful participation in the design process.


Overcoming these challenges requires a commitment to genuine partnership, cultural competency, and a willingness to listen and learn. By embracing a collaborative approach, designers, architects, and urban planners can help bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating spaces that are both innovative and deeply rooted in cultural identity.


Balancing Act: Productivity, well-being, and the 4-day work week 

Dr John Hopkins, Associate Professor, Swinburne University of Technology

Is less more? Our expert panel moderated by Dr John Hopkins explores the 4-day workweek phenomenon and its ripple effects on corporate real estate. Uncover the nuts and bolts of implementation, and learn how this bold move is transforming workplace design, utilization, and talent strategies. Join us to picture the possibilities of a reimagined work week and its implications for your organisation's future. 


Afternoon tea


Pushing boundaries and achieving the impossible

Jessica Watson OAM

In today's ever-changing world, resilience and determination are more crucial than ever. That's why we're thrilled to host Jessica Watson, who defied the odds to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around the world at just 16 years old. Her incredible 210-day voyage through some of the world's most challenging oceans, culminating in a triumphant return to Sydney Harbour, continues to inspire millions globally.


Jessica's story is a testament to the power of the human spirit. Despite immense criticism and overcoming seven knockdowns at sea, she sailed into history and went on to share her extraordinary experiences through her best-selling book "True Spirit" and the documentary "210 Days," narrated by Sir Richard Branson.


Her accolades include being named Young Australian of the Year 2011, receiving an Order of Australia Medal, and being inducted into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame. Beyond sailing, Jessica has completed an MBA, authored a second book, and now works as a management consultant at Deloitte.


In this session, Jessica will share insights from her remarkable journey and how the lessons she learned can be applied to the corporate real estate sector. Discover how pushing boundaries and achieving the seemingly impossible can inspire you to reach new heights in your professional and personal life.


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Networking event

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