REd Talks

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The REd Talk Series is all about the future of the CRE industry, our future talent.


REd Talks are a highlight of the CoreNet Global Australia Annual Conference, giving Young Leaders the opportunity to present in front of 300+ industry delegates on a topic they are passionate about. Designed as a 6-minute TED-style talk, it’s your chance to shape the future direction of the industry.


This year we’re giving even more Young Leaders the chance to be heard through a series of open mic events, called the REd Talk Series. These events will be used to select the successful presenters for the 2022 conference on 14 September 2022 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.


A combination of face-to-face and virtual events will be held in the lead up to the conference.

Key Dates

28 April - REd talk series

5 May - REd talk series

12 May - REd talk series


2-3 applicants will be invited from each event to submit a six minute presentation by 10 June 2022.


What are the open mic nights all about?

The open mic nights are the first step in the selection process for our future REd Talkers. You’ll hear from one or two of the past speakers about their experience, following by an opportunity to ask questions, and then you’ll be given the opportunity to stand up and talk for up to 3 mins on your own topic of choice


What if I want to participate for the public speaking experience, but I’m not sure if I want to proceed to do a REd Talk?

That is completely fine! The open mic nights were created to give more young leaders the chance to gain some public speaking experience in a supportive environment


I am thinking about it, but I haven’t decided on a topic… does that matter?

For the open mic night, no it doesn’t! You will need to participate in the open mic night to be eligible to proceed, however your topic doesn’t need to be set in stone until you submit your video as part of the round two selection process.


Do I need to register to speak at the open mic night?

Our preference is that you do, so that we have an idea of how many will be speaking. However, there will be an opportunity after the pre-registered speakers have had their turn for others to put their hand up and have a go


I’m not interested in this REd Talk stuff, but I love CoreNet Young Leaders events… can I still come?

Absolutely. Like most of our events, there will be an opportunity for networking both before and after the event. Plus, the more attendees in the audience supporting our Young Leaders, the better!

Rules of Engagement

  1. Speaker to be 35 or younger on 31 July 2022

  2. You do not have to be a member of CoreNet Global to apply

  3. Speaker to be a rising star within the industry or within the spotlight of the industry topic

  4. Public speaking skills need to be of a standard that will engage the audience

  5. Presentation can go for no more than 6 minutes

  6. Presentation can be accompanied by slides, but no more than four

  7. Content should be original, not a recap of already published content

  8. Content needs to have an opinion, recommendation on how the industry should tackle the issue

  9. There should be no commercial agenda. Speakers should not promote their own company, products or services.

Watch Tori's presentation

Watch Amelia's presentation